Mission Statement

The South Carolina Clean Marina Program provides a unique opportunity for marina owners and operators to improve their customer services, protect water quality and be recognized for their efforts. By meeting prescribed environmental performance criteria, marinas can qualify to fly the Clean Marina flag to attract recreational and transient boaters to their facility.

South Carolinas Clean Marina program is part of an international effort along with 24 other states and territories to use best management practices to protect and improve water quality at marinas. The program is administered by the SC Department of Natural Resources and the South Carolina Marine Association.

Marinas and boatyards that participate in the Clean Marina program are recognized for their environmental stewardship by engaging in environmentally sound operating and maintenance procedures, using Best Management Practices.  Under the program, these facilities also encourage their customers and other boaters to use practices to protect our waterways. 

             Benefits to Marina & Boatyard Operators & Owners:

    Reduce waste disposal costs.
      Receive free technical assistance.
      Reduce legal liabilities.
      Enjoy free publicity.
      Attract knowledgeable customers.
      Improve water quality and habitat for living resources.
      Demonstrate the facility is a good steward of the environment.
      Generate new sources of revenue.

         Clean  Marina  Requirements   - Click here           Clean  Marina  Guidebook  - Click here           
                   Clean  Marina  Pledge  -  Click here               Certified Clean  Marinas  - Click here

                Clean  Marina  Checklist  -  Click here

         Clean  Marina  Fees & Dues  -  Click here



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