Mission Statement

 "To promote growth of recreational boating in South Carolina and a better boating experience in order to enhance the success of marine related activities in our state through an emphasis on the boating lifestyle , awareness and professionalism through economic, environmental, legislative and educational efforts."

About Our Organization

In 1996, the South Carolina Marine Association was organized in order to support and promote marinas across the state of South Carolina. Since that time, the SCMA has been reorganized to include the state’s entire recreational boating industry and its boaters.

The SCMA’s primary goal is providing economic, environmental, legislative and educational support to the recreational boating industry and boaters of South Carolina. Through our efforts, we work to preserve lakes, rivers, seas, and shorelines for the future enjoyment of South Carolina’s water enthusiasts. And while doing so, we strive to educate legislators, as well as the general public, to our industry’s contributions to the economy and betterment of our state.







Notice to Mariners

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